Maison De La Paix


Arch. Eric Ott, Ipas Architectes Sa, Neuchâtel

In the heart of International Geneva, the Maison De La Paix is one of the architectural achievements of the 21st century in Western Switzerland.

The Maison De La Paix is a place for meeting, reflecting and acting with a view to promoting peace and security.

As the institute’s headquarters, this building hosts the Swiss Confederation organisations active in the field of peace, international affairs and sustainable development. This particular context creates new synergies and makes the Maison De La Paix a centre of international expertise in the promotion of peace and international cooperation.

Works of art decorate Maison De La Paix in celebration of the support given by the institute to contemporary art.

Playing a part, in our own small way, in such an ambitious project is without doubt a source of great pride for Metal Glass sagl.